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Aerometal International has extensive experience providing a wide range of professional services to the worlds movie industries. We have provided both aircraft and pilot services to international production companies and have been relied upon for operational and historical consultation. We provide a reliable solution to all aspects of the film industries requirements in connection with large and small vintage aircraft, pilot services, equipment rental, set dressing and consultation. We are able to source and provide a wide range of aircraft and equipment, not only from within our own inventory. The range of services we are currently able to offer to the international film industry include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Provision of large and small vintage civilian and military aircraft for film production
  • Provision of experienced pilot and flying services appropriate to film production
  • Provision of historical aviation and aircraft operational consultative services associated with film production
  • Provision and consultation – vintage civilian and military aircrew dress and uniforms
  • Provision of regulatory consultation and regulatory deviation letter application associated with film production.
  • Provision of aircraft structural set pieces for movie projects
  • Historical aviation equipment and set dressing
  • Historical aviation maintenance equipment and tooling
  • Provision of hangars and large buildings for film production
  • Provision of historic military vehicles and ground service equipment for film production
  • DC-3 and C-47 aircraft rental for film production.
  • Military vehicle and tank rental for film production.
  • Military equipment, uniforms and weapons rental and consultation for film production


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